ABOUT AA School (Architectural Association School of Architecture in London) & BIG OLIVE

In association with the Athens Studio, Big Olive designed and materialised custom itineraries for the AA School undergraduate students, led by “Neiheiser Argyros”- an established multidisciplinary architecture practice.

In 2016 Big Olive staged two field trips for the AA School focusing on different views  of classical Athens, as well as on the transitional areas of Victoria Square & Metaxourgheio.

The Studio aimed to present areas of exchange and debate by setting and identifying precedents.
Students developed new ideas towards solutions on both the urban and architectural levels.

In 2017 three new itineraries were staged for the AA School Intermediate 15 class. The focus was again on the classical archetypes, the distinct architectural styles & history, the banks of the “Lost River” Ilissus- and the areas of Victoria, Psyrri & Metaxourgheio. 

The highlight of the itinerary was a visit to the City Plaza Hotel, in the Victoria square area, a deserted hotel which is now home to/ occupied by a multiethnic community of refugees.

Big Olive services included:
➢ Itinerary & content design
➢ Artifacts & memorabilia
➢ project visit arrangement


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