World Book Capital is an initiative of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Following the success of World Book and Copyright Day, UNESCO initiated the concept of World Book Capital City selecting Madrid as the Capital for 2001. The noteworthy outcome led the UNESCO General Conference to establish World Book Capital as an annual event.

The title is allocated to a different city every year and the program spans the period from April 23rd (World Book and Copyright Day) to April 22nd of the next year.

Athens was named World Book Capital for 2018 in recognition of the quality of recent events hosted by the city together with its thriving book industry. After successfully co-hosting documenta 14, resulting in a creative display of artworks throughout the city, Athens is now at the forefront of the international culture scene.

Big Olive is AWBC exclusive program advisor and a member of the task force. The project aims to deliver more than 250 events in 365 days and to attract one million spectators.