Athens – (new) beginnings “Now and Then” #1
Studio An Fonteyne – ETH Zurich

During its non-linear history, Greece has repeatedly reinvented itself offering potential for readings of the present in the light of the past. This one-week field trip served as a journey unfolding in several epeisodia that circumnavigates the city and its surroundings encountering architects, thnikers, artists, politicians, in an attempt to outline an image of the Greek nowness.

“Each episode will group buildings by analogy, connecting them by means of the overarching themes they can be related to: unfinishedness, new beginnings and the quest for greekness, topography, benevolent oligarchy…
Together we will go on a series of processions exploring modernism, critical regionalism, contemporaneity and antiquity, going from theater to museum, from house to offices, from university to temple. A reading of the city, a transversal view through the histories and aspirations of the country.

Professor An Fonteyne – Assistants Pablo Donet, Thomas Klement, Galaad Van Daele

In the above context, Big Olive staged a series of events

“The triangle of Utopia”, itinerary, March 19
“In exchange of five apartments and a shop” docu-essay by Yannis Skopeteas, Private viewing, March 19
➢ “A tribute to Athenian Modernism”, itinerary, March 20
➢ “Classical landmarks: then and now”, itinerary, March 21
➢ “Architect Aris Konstantinidis (1913-1993) and the Argosaronicus”, with the kind cooperation of Ms. Alexandra Tsoukala, one-day excursion, March 22
➢ All travel arrangements including transfers, meals and specialised concierge services.

“the crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born” – Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), “Quaderni del carcere”