Earth Hour | WWF
A walking tribute to nature and the constant change in its ingredient elements. Prime Athenian landmarks were intertwined with the transitions of the everlasting fire which follows a cyclical route, passing to water, to wind, to earth and fire again. The “procession” followed a cyclical route around the Acropolis Hill, the old trails of Plaka and the quarters of the Winds, Vrissaki and Thissio. 
Earth Hour is one of the largest global campaigns, kicking off in 2007 in Syndey, Australia. Since then, millions of people, organizations, institutiions, historical foundations and landmarks turn off their lights annually for one hour and convey their sumbolic message for the urge need for our planet protection and preservation. This year, the Earth Hour was scheduled on 24th of March (20.30-21.30). So far, an array of Greek Institutions & individuals have joined this effort, among which the Acropolis Hill which was shut down for one whole hour
In the above context, Big Olive took on the research, design & materialization of this special walk that culminated across the Acropolis Hill. 
 No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.’
– Heraclitus