Technische Universität München |  Field Trip
Faculty of Architecture, Chair for Urbanism and Housing
Prof. Bruno Krucker, Prof. Stephen Bates

A student group from the Faculty of Architecture of  TUM came to Athens for a  research trip concerning mainly residential buildings and the theme of Bricolage. The group was interested in the typology of the Athenian  “polykatoikia” and visited a number of buildings interiors during a series of themed walks across the city. The students’ focus was drawn onto D. Pikionis & A.Konstantinidis work as well as other modernist and more contemporary residential buildings in Athens. The activities in Athens were backed up with an archaeological visit in the theatre of Epidaurus and the actors houses (Athens & Epidaurus Festival) designed by A.Konstantinidis.

Dates: 29 & 31 October 2018
Location / Venue:  Modernist Interiors, themed itineraries and archaeological sites
Number of participants: 45-50  pax
Services Rendered: Project Visit Arrangement, design & implementation of themed walks, destination services (dinner arrangement, transfer reservations, entrance tickets to sites).
Production team: Big Olive, George Papamattheakis (Architect), Christos Kritikos (Architect PhD candidate), Demetra Ignatiou (archaeologist/art historian) & TUM (Adam Gielniak).
Photos: @Christos Kritikos


‘What Pikionis represented, both in his drawings and on the completed surfaces of his constructions, has often been described as a modern collage of stones, or a bricolage of symbolic forms of an ancient universal tradition (Kotionis 1998). According to Dimitris Antonakakis, this collage, derived from the ruins of the past, served as a mirror inviting us to look at ourselves, and at what the previous generations had left us (Antonakakis 1989, 15).’