The Oslo School of Architecture & Design travelled to Thessaloniki and attempted to gain a deeper inside to this multicultural city.

Big Olive designed and staged two itineraries for the Masterstudio In Transit.
The Studio focuses on sustainable growth for communities hosting new arrivals, migrants and refugees.

On DAY I, Big Olive delivered an itinerary revealing the diverse social layers of the city. Points of interest included parts of the Western Wall of the city, social housing projects and refugee welcome centres and initiatives.

On DAY II, the School participated in an themed walk focusing on architectural projects designed and erected throughout the ages. Points of interest included Refugee housing of the midwar (Northern Wall), Roman Agora, Modiano Market and ‘Polykatoikia’ examples.

Dates: 8 & 10 October
Location / Venue:  Outdoors
Number of participants: 17-20
Services Rendered: Design & Implementation of custom itineraries
City: Thessaloniki
Production team: Big Olive