University of Cambridge, Department of Architecture |  Itineraries
3rd Year Architecture Studio | Delvendahl Martin Architects UK

Students of the 3rd Year Architecture Studio at the University of Cambridge visited Athens in December 2018. Their studio was focused on city-making as a view of understanding architecture production and attention was drawn on the urban transformations of some Athenian areas induced by processes such as  such as gentrification, tourism, shifting nature of retail. The studio was looking for a custom itinerary including modern and contemporary buildings in the context of its classical roots.
Big Olive designed and proposed two itineraries:
  • a 6-hour walking tour combing themes from Urban Transformations & Modernist Architecture walks covering the areas of Omonoia, Exarchia, Metaxourgheio, Psyrri, Gazi.
  • archaeological activity at Classical Landmarks [Acropolis Hill & Museum]

Dates: 1-4 December 2018
Location / Venue:  Modernist Interiors, themed itineraries and archaeological sites
Number of participants: 15  pax
Services Rendered: Project Visit Arrangement, design & implementation of themed walks
Production team: Big Olive, George Papamattheakis (Architect) & Demetra Ignatiou (archaeologist/art historian)
Photos: @Alex King


“For conceiving the most ideal human settlement that man can conceive and achieve we need to set a goal, develop a policy, a program and a plan” Constantinos Apolostolou Doxiadis, architect – Ecumenopolis