The Caryatides apartments March 19 2015


Both within a few miles of downtown Athens and both within a few blocks of one another, “these houses illustrate some home buyers’ low sales resistance to anything that looks “elegant,” “exotic,” or “extraordinary.”(1) Here, you can learn how to play mix-and-match Domestic Architectural Kitsch.

Take two typical Greek apartment buildings (polykatoikia) add Greek and Roman plaster columns, Caryatides, stucco bas-reliefs split in half and glued against the buildings in attempts to make them look like ancient Greek and Roman temples and voilà: All-Athenian Kitsch.

(1) Recited from: Brown, Curtis F. (1975) Star-Spangled Kitsch. New York: Universe Books. pp 87-88.

General information
Architect: unknown
Year of build:  early ’00s
Architectural style: Kitsch Architecture
Location: Attaleias Str. Aegaleo (map)
Access: None
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Written by: Nicolas Nicolaides
Photos: Athensville

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