In the context of their Athens Studio, Big Olive designed bespoke itineraries for the AASchool undergraduate students led by the multidisciplinary architecture practice, Neiheiser Argyros.

In 2016 Big Olive staged two field trips for AAschool focusing on classical Athens and on the controversial areas of Victoria & Metaxourgheio.

The studio aimed at understanding areas of exchange and debate, identifying its precedents in order to come up with new approaches on both the urban and the architectural scale

In 2017 three new itineraries were staged for AAschool, Intermediate 15. Once again focus was directed on classical Athens, architectural styles & history, through the itinerary along the Lost River, and the areas of Victoria, Psyrri & Metaxourgheio. Peak of the itineraries was a visit to the City Plaza Hotel, an inactive hotel occupied by a team which fosters solidarity and cohesion among refugees.

Their agenda entailed:

➢ Bespoke itinerary & content design

➢ Big Olive memorabilia

➢ project visit arrangement

AASchool | Field trip curation 2016 & 2017