The brief by TU Cottbus (Berlin) entailed an emphasis on social housing – including additional functions and programs that contribute to the significance of the urban environment in that area and the  “polykatoikia” as the key unit of the Athenian urban landscape.

The Athens Studio Agenda curated by Big Olive follows below:

Day A
“Evolution of the Polykatoikia” an adaptation of the Modernist Architecture
Walking Lecture which examined the tendencies within the Greek modernists that followed the 4th CIAM in the early ‘30s.
This route has been also presented to other architecture schools/ studios [*ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne, Dark Architects Oslo]

Day B
The Refugee Settlement of Neos Cosmos, an adaptation of the Refugee & Social Housing
Walking Lecture that, besides getting you through the quarter’s societal developments, it also provides architectural & historical commentary.
This route has been presented to tto other architecture schools/ studios [ Architecture School of Bergen, Raumlabor Berlin, Dark Architects Oslo]

During this collaboration Big Olive catered for:

➢ design & adaptation of the itineraries to meet the studio’s preferences

➢ communication & arrangement of project visits at private premises with keynote speakers

➢ destination services & tips provision

BTU Cottbus | Study Trip design & curation 2016