Athens was chosen to host the annual TBeX Europe for 2014, the biggest gathering of international influencers in the domain of tourism.  More than 10000 travel bloggers, photographers, social media specialists  & other Key Opinion Leaders visited Athens in October 2014 attended the event.

In collaboration with the Athens Visitor & Convention Bureau, Big Olive co-cretated special activities for the bloggers.

More specifically Big Olive catered for the food blogger community by staging a bespoke food walk covering the area of the commercial triangle of Athens including:

Narration about the history & architecture of the city was weaved in with the food stories.

During the walk, participants had the chance to taste delicious pastries, olive oils, savoury pies, lajmatzoun, yoghurt with honey and thus decipher the culinary identity of the city.

Testimonials by our co-story tellers (bloggers) can be found on the following links:

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TBex Bloggers Exchange | Athens 2014