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The Lost River Ilissos

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During antiquity, river Ilissos was famed for its natural beauty and the collection of architectural landmarks along its banks. Today the Ilissos is channeled to flow underground, and its banks, which were favoured by Socrates and Aristotle for walking and teaching, have been replaced by busy roadways. 

Stroll in a nutshell
Follow the reverse route of the lost river and examine the evolution of the Athenian history, art and architecture. Points of interest include Aristotle’s philosophical school, architectural remnants of the Roman Empire, 19th century neoclassical and beaux-arts edifices, traces of 20th-century refugee settlements and fine examples of modernist art and architecture. 

Walk duration: approx. 2h 30min
Meeting point: Acropolis Metro Station, Exit Areopagitou Street (exact location here)

Areas Covered
Syngrou-Fix • Zappeio • Evangelismos. 

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Luxuriant grass, a fine plane-tree and a clear spring, hard by Ilissus, were inspiration enough for Socrates: in such a spot he could sit bantering Phaedrus, refuting Lysias, and invoking the Muses.” – Lucian, The Hall

Image credits: Demosthenes Boukis (1963); Johann Michael Wittmer (1833); D. Rigopoulos (2013);  D. Filippides (2014)

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