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Kypseli Revisited


Fitting seventy thousand inhabitants in only half a square mile, Kypseli makes up one of the most densely populated and heavily built urban areas in the world. Although its systematic development in the midwar years promised an urban haven to the prosperous, Kypseli has nonetheless fallen though the years in decline. Still, its recent transformation into a melting pot of ethnicities, classes and aspirations, along with the newfound attention for some of its historical sites give hope for the quarter’s cultural rebirth.

Stroll in a nutshell
Start off at Victoria square to explore a succession of landmarks and points of interest including the Areos Park, the Phokionos Negri boulevard and the newly reopened Municipal market.

Stroll duration: approx 2h 30m
Meeting point: Areos park, in front of the statue of Constantine I (exact location here)

Areas Visited
Victoria • Pedion Areos • Kypseli.


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“Hey little boy hurry up
hurry up its your day today
your eye is reflecting tomorrow
and you-you are going to shine
there is nothing to feel sorry tonight, son
it is all a matter of time”

– “Back to Kresnas Street” by Keep Shelly in Athens

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