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Tales of Same Sex Love


The ancient Greeks were never at a loss for words when it came to describing Love in all its shades and complexities. On this walk you will learn about the history, facts, and figures that weave a fascinating path from centuries ago to the present day and guide us towards a greater understanding of the emotion which makes the world go round.

Walk in a nutshell
Step out on an eye-opening journey through Athens, discover world-famous landmarks as well as relatively unknown sites and listen as your docent tells you stories of romance that blossomed among famous residents of the city’s past. You’ll hear about gods and heroes, writers and philosophers, homoerotic love, and famous love affairs. This walk will also lead you through the streets that have witnessed the trials and triumphs of gay life.

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“I saw that lovely body which seemed
as though Eros in his mastery had fashioned it”
– Constantine Cavafy, at the Café Door.


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This themed walk is currently only offered to private groups in English or in Greek, with the price on display being for the whole group (depending on its size). Kindly indicate the preferred date, starting time & participant number by filling the following form