Angelos Kottas

I’m the third generation living in Thessaloniki. I have lived most of my life here and from a very young age I loved to read stories about my city and its interesting and multicultural past, the different people and religions who left various architectural elements and urban myths in Thessaloniki. My bachelor was in Sociology and I had my Erasmus in France, where I had classes about culture and film studies. I then attended an international master where I studied Urbanism and I was involved in urban and cultural projects in four Europeans capitals (Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen & Madrid). I also participated in youth programs of the European Commission and I traveled to different countries (Armenia, Italy, Slovakia, Romania) where I worked with NGOs and volunteer organizations, dealing with poverty and marginalization. Furthermore, I wrote various papers about architecture, culture, gender and they were presented in different conferences and projects in Germany, Croatia, Austria and Turkey. I am currently studying Museology and Cultural Management in Architectural School of Thessaloniki.  I enjoy travelling, reading, visiting modern art exhibitions and most of all ... gelato!

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