The Literary Walk

Athens has more than its fair share of areas associated with some of the greatest Greek and international writers of the 20th century. Public spaces and streets have been immortalized in novels, travelogues, and poems, in addition to a great number of fascinating bars, cafés, and salons that have provided a fertile ground for the birth of new ideas and artistic expressions.

Walk in a nutshell
You will indulge your literary, architectural, and aesthetic tastes as we visit locations strongly associated with legendary figures as Hans Christian Andersen, Henry Miller, Laurence Durrell, George Seferis, Constantine Cavafy, and Virginia Woolf, among many others.

The walk includes a visit to the house of major Greek modernist painter Nikos Ghikas, an important figure of 20th century Greek art not only for his major contribution to painting, but also for his involvement with some of the most prominent members of European art and culture. Ghikas' grand art deco house contains the artist’s studio and apartment in addition to a beautifully laid-out three-floor survey of mid-century Greek art and culture. The stars of the collection are undoubtedly the two Nobel prizes by George Seferis and Odysseus Elytis, as well as the Lenin prize of Yiannis Ritsos.


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"Athens and New York are electrically charged cities,unique in my experience. But Athens is permeated with a violet-blue reality which envelops you with a caress"
Henry Miller, the Colossus of Maroussi

Image credit: Ginny

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