George Papamattheakis

George Papamattheakis (aka George Papam) was born and raised in Herakleion, Crete in 1992. Currently a student of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and a scholar of the State Scholarships Foundation, George has completed an additional part of his studies at the Polytechnic School of Zurich (ETH).

While still under Prof. G. Halabalakis's apprenticeship he got introduced to the street art back in 2008; he has been appointed by public institutions, organisations and individuals to design murals and contribute to various team projects, such as the Basilica of St Marcus in Herakleion and the mArt Galley in Athens. Bridging his interests both for the city and its shaping mechanics, and for the graffiti and street art disciplines he has been monitoring the historical evolution of that phenomenon and the way it adapts to the Greek capital.

He has earned several awards in architecture competitions, he has co-founded and co-curated the experimental architectural lab ΗΕLLAΣTOCK 2014 (Bellastock platform) held for the first time in Greece, and has taken part in various theoretical and practical laboratories in Greece, Finland and India. For more information visit



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