Grand Tour of Thessaloniki


Lots of people have loved and lost themselves in this city whilst leaving a strange light therein. Different peoples and religions have, over the centuries, turned this metropolis into a palimpsest of memories, dotted with Roman arches; Byzantine churches and castles; Turkish baths and markets; Armenian, Catholic and Jewish places of worship; and villas of the bourgeoisie. A Balkan and Mediterranean city by the sea, full of urban legends, memories and ghosts unfolds before your eyes whispering tales of prominent figures that linked their personal stories with the city.


Walk in a nutshell

The walk aims at an initial acquaintance with the city center, the major attractions, the architectural masterpieces, the traditional neighbourhoods and markets. Walk on the seaside that faces Mount Olympus, taste a traditional coffee and share some unknown stories of the city through the eyes of travellers, visitors, refugees and poets who have spent time in "the Bride" of the Thermaic Gulf.



Walk duration: approx. 3 hours 
Meeting point: Aristotelous square, by the main entrance to the "Olympion", exact location here

This tour will not enter any archaeological sites. 


Pricing & Bookings

This city walk is currently only offered to private groups in English or in Greek, with the price on display being for the whole group. Scroll down to select your group size and number of tours and book via our webshop. Use the calendar to specify the date and time you would like to take the tour. You will only be charged once the tour has been confirmed.


There is no man without a homeland as long as there is Thessaloniki” - Nikiforos Choumnos, 14th century

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