The Origins Walk | TEDxAthens 2016

Wealthy Europeans of the 18th and early 19th centuries made a cultural pilgrimage to France and Italy in search of art, architecture, culture and the roots of Western civilization. Greece, still under Ottoman rule, was the destination of the more adventurous and daring. Follow the itinerary of these adventurers to discover the true origins of an ever-evolving capital.

Walk in a nutshell
This is a meandering walk that besides getting you to some of Athens's major sites it will lead you though the city’s lesser-seen historic side streets offering a different perspective of the city. This TEDxAthens 2016 custom-made route takes in splendid ruins of classical antiquity, Byzantine places of worship, stately Ottoman mansions, and neoclassical edifices. This route will not enter and archaeological sites.


Walk duration: 3 hours
Difficulty level: Easy


Friday February 5th 3pm
Sunday February 7th 11am


Pick-up point
Speakers' Hotel 


"Maid of Athens! I am gone. Think of me, sweet! when alone. Though I fly to Istambol, Athens holds my heart and soul"  

-Lord Byron, Maid of Athens.

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