Piraeus: The Lion of the Aegean


Once the port city of Classical Athens, now a prototype harbour concentrating all the import and transit trade of the wider metropolis, Piraeus is a bustling marine and commercial hub catering for millions of passengers every year. Step back in time and unwind the turbulent story of Porto Leone, from the glorious times of Themistocles through the Venetian sieges and from the utopian era of the Bavarian reign to the 20th century urbanisation schemes. 


Walk in a nutshell
Your docent will lead you to both the harbour's major sights and the less traveled back-alleys. Besides visiting the landmarks of the classical era, you will also explore the city's markets and places of worship, admire fine samples of neoclassical, eclectic and modernist architecture and learn about the artists, writers and merchants that helped shape the image of this thriving, yet largely unexplored city.


Walk duration: 3 hours 
Meeting point: Piraeus station, left exit facing the port. 

This tour will not enter any archaeological sites. 


Pricing & Bookings

This city walk is currently only offered to private groups in English or in Greek, with the price on display being for the whole group. Scroll down to select your group size and number of tours and book via our webshop. Use the calendar to specify the date and time you would like to take the tour. You will only be charged once the tour has been confirmed.


"Still bent to make some port he knows not where, still standing for some false impossible shore" - Matthew Arnold

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