Publications by Olaf Nicolai


"IN THE WOODS THERE IS A BIRD…" is an artist book by Olaf Nicolai, published as a contribution to documenta 14 as part of an ongoing sound and publication project. It is based on archival sound material extracted from radio reports, employing radio as a source (rather than a medium of transmission) to explore the relation of sound and index.

Background sounds of demonstrations, riots, rallies, originally recorded for radio, are used as source material for a soundtrack composed of these various ‘ambiences’. The artist book frames the recorded sounds in a visual essay and presents an index of the places and dates the events occurred. The piece is conceptualized to generate further interpretations by collaborating musicians in the form of concrete sound objects and events, ranging from broadcasting to live performances and installational settings.

This book will be available by Big Olive at the shop of the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) over the course of documenta 14 (very limited copies)

Together with Locus Athens, Olaf Nicolai also invites the audience to the soundpiece the author has produced for the documenta 14 radio on April 6.

Follow the event here.